CLAAS JAGUAR 900 (498) on the road



JAGUAR 980 with ORBIS 900 / AXION 930 with CARGOS 760
JAGUAR 960 with PICK UP 300 / ARION 630 with CARGOS 750
ORBIS 900 working with 9-m working width, 12 rows of maize, row distance of 0.75 cm. Automatic control with AUTO PILOT. JAGUAR control via mechanical detection of two maize rows with two sensing bands. For road transport, the ORBIS 900 folds down to 3.30 m (all other ORBIS models to 3.00 m). Integrated transport chassis ensures compliance with legal registration requirements for on-road travel, along with outstanding driving characteristics at up to 40 km/h. The ORBIS model series is characterised by high working quality, the versatility required for a wide range of crops, and operational reliability.

JAGUAR 980 is the most powerful model, at 884 hp. Equipment options allow the harvesting of very short maize for biogas plants, or very long maize with special conditioning, with SHREDLAGE®. AUTO FILL allows transport vehicle loading at the side, and (exclusively) to the rear. Where no road crossing between fields are required, JAGUAR machines in the 900 range can be fitted with a special front axle with dual tyres (duals). This improves stability, reduces soil pressure and boosts traction. 900 series JAGUAR machines with the normal axle can be fitted with a tyre pressure control system at the front and (exclusively) at the rear. The DYNAMIC POWER automatic engine power adjustment function provides fuel savings of up to 10.6% in situations where the JAGUAR is not operating to full capacity. The JAGUAR is characterised by high efficiency (reflected in its low consumption of diesel), excellent ease of access for service work, and simple, intuitive operation.

For grass harvesting, the JAGUAR is equipped with a PICK UP. In Europe, the PICK UP with a working width of 3.00 m is used, to ensure compliance with legal registration requirements for on-road travel. The PICK UP 380 is used mainly in the North American market. Features of the PICK UP family include high pick-up performance and clean working through flawless ground-contour following.
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